we both thro our toothbrushes away and kiss smooching and frothing, roll in the alcove tommy unlocks the en suite door from inside megan’s room and closes it again instantly. we are in the plastic bags and empty conditioner bottles, pubic hair and my blood, nameless other bodily excretions i know i’ve left all over the place - never mind what other people have left there. some bleach that was never wiped away off a bony tile - firm blue powder turned to ash mid bubble. soap gunk, miscellaneous junk : pennies, toothbrushes, products for the hair, skin, face, teeth whitening strips, combs, empty toilet roll holders but no toilet roll,a  shitty old toilet-brush, black scum in the cracks of the tiles we are rolling in it my gold hair and your blue blonde who knows where the other’s starts. you kissing me with too much tongue like fuck, pinching me like i’m not real yet all over, hard on my ribs popping one of them in - your stomach is hard with a fine layer of fat no hair on your body whatsoever i eat your ass and i realise you have not been with many men before. i come up for air and you launch at me and eat the butt sweat off my face i am covered in a perfect golden imprint of yr virgin ass like y


At first Felix didn’t realise that he was being watched. Hot eyes pursued him from across the carriage, and momentarily startled him. A tourist in his late thirties with a pastel pink suit, and a white, wide-brimmed kept glancing up from his newspaper every so often and trying to grab Felix’s attention, reluctantly going back to his article for a few minutes and then resuming his observation of the young man. The train passed through a tunnel, Felix just caught a glimpse of a graffiti advertisement for a dentists at the next stop before the whole interior was plunged into darkness.

The man seized the opportunity and lurched forward out of his seat, crashing into the booth Felix was in and sitting directly opposite him, nudging him with his huge legs. 

“Do you have a cigarette I could have by any chance?” said Felix, without gazing up from his tablet. 

“Sure do. But aren’t you a little young to be smoking? Says here it ruins your complexion”, the Tourist said grinning. The neon lights inside the carriage flickered and exaggerated the deep wrinkles on his face, which had appeared much too soon for his age. 

“I suppose I am a little young to be smoking, but aren’t you a little too old to be tryin it on with someone like me ?” He put the tablet away and stared the Tourist hard in the eyes. The older man looked affronted, but Felix cracked a smirk and he softened a little.

“You’re here on holiday then”, said Felix, “By those cases I’d wager you’ve come to town for longer than a weekend break.” 

He motioned at the Tourist’s luggage, which bulged out of the overhead carry on. 

“As a matter of fact”, the Tourist said “I’m here to visit family. My sister actually, Mandy. Are you getting off at Unity Station as well.”

“Sure am.” 

A buzzer sounded and the PA burst into life as the train pulled away from the station, reminding all passengers that there was a buffet car and bar, full of overpriced drinks and food, and that it would be closing in half an hour.

“Could I buy you a drink?”, said the pastel tourist. 

The Tourist beckoned through the carriage doors, and Felix followed him through several carriages to the buffet car.

The attendant at the buffet car was wise to the both of them, and Felix could tell the minute they walked in. He was an undercover fag too, so he just smiled politely and continued with the whole routine. Felix ordered a cola, while the tourist ordered a cola and rum. He paid the bill from a huge stack of notes and the two of them sat on stools by the window.

luv poem

when i wanna make luv to myself (not just jack off) i get out some baby oil and put my porno on mute and listen to drake

what i wanna do to u feels similar

u make me feel guilty for hurting myself and i think that’s good, wanted to take me to a&e (lol) to get me stitched up but i had a deadline to meet

you are one to always keep me hydrated and that’s what i like about you. plenty of fruit juices but i would probably prefer it if u drank coke.

then we would get the 2 for £2 deals together and i wouldn’t have to feel guilty about getting them for myself but i guess that’s probably a good thing

you know how i don’t like to share

i cheated on you and wrote about it , i cheated and told you about it and you just drank

 i sat there and everyone played pool still thru a particularly brutal musical intros round of the thursday quiz

we are never ever ever getting back together

android dating service

“i’m an android,” you say. “i don’t know what to tell you. i’m sorry, but i cannot love. not in the way that you would expect me to. it’s a human social construct too complex to be programmed into me. to achieve this requires years of family placement - at least 10, of social interaction and regard for the hegemonic couple unit. with gays it’s even harder. they exist outside of this paradigm and thus make it very hard to pin down. although i am hardwired with over 600 lust programs - with plenty of cloud space available to download many more exciting ways of living.”

you look human no.243 in the eye to check for any errant pupil dilation. “but ultimately, i’m just a pleasure model.”

older men.

I’m in love with a wizard who graduated from hull poly in 1979, who works at united business media corp and is wearing sunglasses in his facebook pic in a typical dad pose except that they are heart shaped pink Lolita frames.

maybe he looks like your film studies tutor, or creative writing teacher or any single man with white hair in his fifties. You are never more than half a mile away from one of these men at all times : fact.

Thinking about unicorn shaped bottles, about almond oil about thick rolling fog in the park and someone who I think might die sleeping rough outside venue. Stop actin like you don’t care about amersham vale, i had great sex on that street once you know and recently I’ve been having deja vu don’t act like you don’t care about the new cross road, when I saw it on that bond movie I stood up and yelled! That’s new cross but we were in greenwich. In love with a chaos magician who was in love with William B sweet William, wrote the preface to his book William b maybe he will write mine host wrote it. Ghost write it.

If u know Phil send him a message.

luv poem

We’re in love like two burning rizlas

flutter together until they don’t :

one lands, melts a small plastic lump on the carpet

the other flies behind the sofa never to be seen again

Maybe to move to Berlin 

maybe to marry some hunk, a collagier who speaks perfect English

Maybe you go to be with that rapper or that model or poet and they’ll write poems better than this 

or stick it in your butt and rap about it

Maybe I’d do that too

Someone scouted me to model once, for a rankin photo shoot 

but I’m p sure I pulled one of those faces in the pic that u hate

Maybe the one that burns the rug gets stuck there

until new tenants pull the carpet up and you are resigned to the trash heap

I talk a cowboy talk but mostly I’m just drinking cola and smoking cigarettes over a blank screen

Even tho I don’t have to write a poem to fuck you, I’m sure you’d like one